Music in Lyddington is only possible thanks to the generosity of its sponsors.

Would you to consider sponsoring one of our concerts? Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to bring a group of your friends to your chosen concert with guaranteed seats at the front of the church. Your whole party can then enjoy this sponsored concert, and you will still enjoy the benefits of season tickets for the whole season of eight concerts.


Sponsorship entitles you to:

(a) one full Double Membership for the entire season;
(b) recognition in brochure and programme;
(c) additional guest seats (for numbers see below) at your chosen concert;
(d) reserved seating for you and your guests at your chosen concert.
(e) a free glass of wine for you and your guests at 
your chosen concert.

At the concert you are sponsoring: You are entitled to seats for yourselves, together with the number of guests you are entitled to at your level of sponsorship. You do not need to do anything except organise your guests. We shall contact you before the concert to find out how many seats you need and if you have any seating preferences. The seats for yourselves and your guests are then all reserved, and marked as such in the church.

All other concerts: you are entitled to admission for yourselves to all other concerts, but we do not reserve any seats for you. We would advise you to arrive in good time to ensure the seats you prefer.

Sponsorship Pricing 
Principal Sponsorship (which includes 8 free seats): £650
Half Sponsorship (which includes 8 free seats): £380
Quarter Sponsorship (which includes 4 free seats): £275
If you would like to discuss supporting Music in Lyddington with a sponsorship, please contact: Jeremy Rider, 20 Colley Rise, Lyddington, Rutland LE15 9LL (01572 823513).
If you would like to go ahead with a sponsorship, all you need to do is print and complete the sponsorship form, and send it to Jeremy Rider with the appropriate funds, as above.
If you would like to make a donation to Music in Lyddington, you can do so using our donation/gift aid form.