Buy Tickets for Music in Lyddington Concerts

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get tickets for Music in Lyddington concerts is to become a member for the year, which entitles you to a season ticket for all concerts, guarantees you a seat (subject to Covid restrictions) and gives you a considerable discount. Click for details on membership.

The mechanism for ticket purchases in 2022 will follow the process set out on our 2022 Process page here.

Pay by card
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Pay by cheque
Cheques payable to Music in Lyddington. 
  • Call: 01572 335133
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Post: MiL Tickets, 7 Stockerston Road, Uppingham, Oakham, LE15 9UD
Pay by internet banking
  • Bank: CAF Bank
  • Sort Code: 40-52-40
  • Account: 00017356
  • Account name: Music in Lyddington
Ticket Prices:
(a) Under 25s in Full-Time Education: £5
(b) Adult Advance: £18 per ticket
Tickets on the door (where available):
(a) Under 25s in Full-Time Education: £5
(b) Adult: £20
Individual tickets for the Doric Quartet (30 April) and Roderick Williams/Iain Burnside (25 June) concerts are subject to a small additional supplement, and are priced as follows:
Doric Quartet: £23
Roderick Williams/Iain Burnside: £25
Programmes are free, but we welcome donations to cover the costs involved in producing them.
Wine and Soft Drinks will be available before the concert and during the interval, subject to prevailing Covid restrictions. If you want something more substantial beforehand or afterwards, please see Where to Eat.
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